The meaning of colors

The meaning of colors

If you choose red: They call it the fire shade or the blood tone, which means that its meaning is connected with the war, threaten, fighting, strength and vitality idea. On the other side, red can be interpreted as the color for true love, strong passion and eagerness. Being so intense, red is the color of emotions and experts believe that it works as a stimulator for the metabolism. It also enlarges the respiration level. Red is claimed to increase the blood pressure, too. Due to the big impression it makes at once, the signs we see on the road are in red. Important vehicles like the ambulance or the fire bus have red elements. In past, people used to apply the color to motivate, which is why many countries even now still have it on their flags.

When you want to present some important image or text, it is good to make it on a red background. Also, with red we are used to emphasize on key words and even to stimulate others making up their minds faster. Due to all of these, today`s ads – including Facebook or traditional banners – as well as the CTA signs contain red elements or are fully in this nuance.

In short, advertisers make us think of love or a danger, believing something is significant thanks to red color. Being so vital shade, red is extremely useful in sports, games, car advertising campaigns.
On the other side, when it comes to lighter shade of red, we think off joy and yet, love and desire, lust and feelings.
This is why romance has been always associated with pink, which is also the shade of true friends and female soul.
Meanwhile, the darker the red nuance is, the bigger the accent on the rage, war, leadership is.
As an alternative of some kind of red, brown comes with the idea of male power and sometimes, tranquillity, constancy.
Last, but not least, the brown with red nuance reminds us of autumn and yield.
Yellow symbolizes the sun and it`s the sign of vitality and joy, too, but also of the quick brain.
When we see yellow, we get warmer, happier and in all cases, our mind is stimulated. But, yellow stimulates the appetite, too, and it makes is concentrated. Now you understand why the taxis are in yellow and why on the road this shade means for you to get prepared. Though, there is a belief that yellow is not a very good choice for a kid`s room, because it disturbs little children. In past, people accepted the color as the symbol of a loyal person, humanity. Few epochs later it started being associated with cowardice.
If you aim to awaken some positive thoughts and feelings, use the yellow color bravely. All kid`s products, as well as those that are connected with your free time and hobbies are good to be advertised in yellow. But be careful, because a male will recognize the shade as a kid`s shade, which is why, when it comes to luxury goods, it`s not the most perfect idea. Yellow is not a stable color, which is why you should avoid it, when you promote security goods. Do not use yellow with white, because you`ll lose both of them eventually.
Duller yellow shades speak of jealous people, as well as of diseases, but the lighter alternative is a sign of a fresh new day, happiness and artistic mind.
About green
It`s all about the nature, when we see green. It is the sign of yield, femininity, when it comes to giving a birth, new life, new beginning. Many people say green means also secured and tranquil, but if the shade is dark, we remind of finances, dollars.
Being so natural, green is claimed to be relieving and even curing. The more green you see, the better eyes you`ll have. And the shade is also a sign of safety and self-confidence. But in some particular cases, green might also sound as non experienced, too young. Yet, in past, people accepted green as the color of the future, progress. If we compare it to the red color in correspondence to the road signs, green again means security!
Speaking of all of these make us believe that this is the best color for medical and cosmetic promotions. When it comes to eco-friendly goods, it is mandatory. However, don`t forget about the dark tone, which is more financial and expensive.
When it comes to blue, it is always about the sea and the sky, which is why we link it to the security, tranquillity and deep things (even feelings). You remind yourself of humanity, loyal people, smartness, beliefs and paradise, when you see blue things.
Blue is good to advertise cleaning services, tourism destinations, education and IT innovations. In the States, they believe that blue is the best color for promoting male products, but it`s not good for food and cooking items. Lighter blue is always more peaceful and tender and the darker shade speaks of strength and cleverness.


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